Starting a New AiRSessions on Atheer Lens using the RW HMT-1

Starting a New Atheer AiRSession

Follow the steps below to start an AiRSession using Realwear HMT-1 (or Realwear HMT-1Z1) smart glasses:

  1. In the Realwear device, say the command, “My Programs” to open MY PROGRAMS.

  2. To open the Atheer Lens app, say the voice command, “Atheer Lens.” You can also say “Select Item X,” (where “X” equals the corresponding number assigned to the Atheer Lens App).

  3. While in the Atheer Lens app, say, AiRSessions to launch the AiRSessions Page.


  4. In the AiRSessions page, say, New, to launch a new AiRSession.


  5. In the new AiRSession pop-up, say. “Start.”


  6. In the New AiRSession, say “Invite Users.”


  7. In the Invite Users page, say, “Select Item X,” (where “X” equals the corresponding number assigned to the available user. You can say, “Next Page,” to access the next page of users.

  8. Once you have finished selecting users, say, “Invite.”

  9. Wait for the invited users to join.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer success team right here.

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