2 - AiRSessions Navigation Article for RealWear Devices


The purpose of this article is to teach new users how to use the Atheer Lens app AiRSessions feature on a RealWear HTM-1 hands-free device.

This article highlights the major features and functions of Atheer AiRSesisons on RealWear hands-free devices and will demonstrate how to navigate inside an AiRSessions as well as showcase all of the AiRSession primary features and functions. Let’s get started.


AiRSession Launch & Interface

Let’s start from the Atheer Lens home screen. Let’s use the “Join AiRSessions” quick access button.

Say, “Join AiRSession”. From this screen, you can join an in-progress AiRSession.

Say, “AiRSession Number”. Enter the AiRSession number that the host of the AiRSession gives you by saying the numbers one at a time.

Now, say, “Navigate back”,  “Join”.

You are now joined into the AiRSession. Notice the AiRSession Toolbar on the left side of the screen.

  • You can say, “Audio off” and “Audio on” to turn off and on the microphone.
  • You can say, “Video off” and “Video on” to turn off and on the video.
  • You can say, “Flash off” and “Flash on” to turn off and on the camera’s flash.
  • You can say, “More” to access the More screen.

Inside the “More” screen, you have several options. You can say, “View users” to see a list of the users in the current AiRSession to view their video feeds. To switch back to your own view, use the “My Feed” feature on the right side of the screen.

Say, “My feed”,  “More.”

  • Inside the “More” screen, if you are the owner of the AiRSession, you will see the Start recording button.
  • Say, “Start recording,” to capture video of the presented screen.
  • Say, “More”, “Stop recording,” to stop the recording.

Say, “More”, to see the Show zoom button.

  • Say, “Show zoom,” to show the Zoom Level indicator on the home screen.
  • Say, “Zoom level 2,” to change the zoom level. You can choose between Zoom Level 1 (no zoom) to Zoom Level 5 (maximum zoom).
  • Say, “Zoom level 1.”
  • Say, “More”, “Hide zoom” to exit this feature.

To capture a still image of what is displaying on your screen, use the Capture feature indicated by the icon on the right side of the screen.

  • Say “Capture.” Notice that the system indicated to you and all the other participants that the screen was captured.

From the home screen, you can invite users to your AiRSession by saying, “Invite Users.”

  • From the Invite Users screen, you can scroll through the list of users by saying, “Next page”, and “Previous page,” and select their item number to invite them to the AiRSession. AiRSessions can support up to 10 users.
  • Say, “Select Item 1.”
  • Say, “Invite” to send the invitation.

To leave  (or exit) the AiRSession, from the home screen, say, “Leave.”

  • Say “Confirm.”
  • You are now back at the home screen.

So that’s it. You should now know how to navigate an AiRSession using a RealWear hands-free device.

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