1 - AiRSessions Overview Article for Mobile Devices


This article highlights the major features and functions of Atheer AiRSessions on mobile devices and will demonstrate how to start, join, and schedule AiRSessions.


AiRSession Basics

Atheer AiRSessions will be used as a regular part of your job to collaborate with your team and allow them to see what you see and provide guidance as needed.

Let’s start from the Atheer Lens home screen. Notice on the home screen that you already have quick access links to Start, Join, and Schedule AiRSessions. Before we use those quick access links, let’s go to the AiRSessions

On the Atheer Toolbar at the bottom of the screen, tap AiRSessions.

You are now on the AiRSessions screen. If you had upcoming AiRSessions that you were scheduled to attend, you would see them in a list here and could access them when it’s time to do so. Also, if any of the Upcoming AiRSessions were currently in progress, you would see an Active indicator.

Tap Let’s begin

Notice that you now have three options. You can start a new AiRSession, schedule an AiRSession , or join an AiRSession.

Tap, New AiRSession

All you need to do from this pop-up is accept the default information and tap Start. We will show you how to navigate within an AiRSession in the next video.

Tap on the greyed-out part of the screen to close this window.

Tap Let’s begin.

Tap Schedule AiRSession

In this pop-up, you can fill in the information needed to schedule an AiRSession. Once the information is complete, you can tap Schedule. But for now, let’s go back. Tap on  (close) button at the top, left corner of the screen to close this window.

Tap Let’s begin

Tap Join AiRSession

In this pop-up, you can join an in-progress AiRSession. Simply enter the AiRSession Number that the host of the AiRSession gives you, and then tap Join. For now, tap on the greyed-out part of the screen to close this window.

Tap on the Home button on the Atheer Toolbar. Notice again the Start, Join, and Schedule quick access links on the home screen. These links will take you to those same pop-up windows that we showed earlier.

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